I started figure ice skating as a very young girl and always loved the combination of sport and art. Since there was not always an ice field nearby, I  started to dance a the age of 21 and trained on a regular basis. I decided to give my passion my whole attention and auditioned for a professional formation at a dance school. After being accepted
I moved from Zürich to Paris and attended classes in

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Free-Style
  • Capoeira

While in Paris, I decided to do a formation as a dancer specialized in Contemporary Dance at RIDC (Rencontres Internationales de Dance Contemporaine) and passed the EAT (Examen d’Aptitude Technique) to become a professional stage dancer. In addition I was trained in teaching kids and adults and  I have a degree in

  • Dance History
  • Music
  • Anatomy

I performed as a dancer in musicals, dance theater plays, music videos, dance performances
 including solos. I enjoy combining different styles of dance, add every
movements, skip the etiquettes and feel the essence of dance: celebrate life.



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